Sunday, May 8, 2011

Posts from Authors

It's Mark here from Heart Club, LLC! Well, we have a HUGE CONTEST from one of our PH Authors, HEARTIE!!!!!!!!

From Heartie (Bluey)
I will be sponsoring a huge contest here! YAY!
The winner of this contest will get:
13 Years of CP Membership
3 Years 5 Months of Panfu Membership
7 Years 1 Month of Pandanda Membership
9 Coin Codes for CP! (Series 1-8)

I bought ALL OF THESE CODES! Why did I buy them? (Let's be honest, for the Author Contest!)

How do you win? Send an email to Aaypbs or post a comment with the word "Gary" and you AUTOMATICALLY WIN! It's THAT EASY! All you have to do is write the word GARY! Whoa, huh? And if you do it in the next hour, Aaypbs will MATCH ALL OF THE PRIZES ABOVE! SO YOU GET DOUBLE PRIZES! 

To Joelle... the 9.5.11 thing means May 9, 2011. :)

Heartie (Bluey)
PH Author

That's all for now! Aaypbs is online, so he'll be posting the results when someone posts!

Heart Club, LLC
PH Sponsor

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