Tuesday, May 3, 2011

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My name is Hotcake, and I'm a Heart Club representative!

One of the huge debates on this blog right now is the Anonymous Author thing. Well, I'd like to be the first one to confirm that the Anonymous Author is Connor. We have had a request from Bloke to check Connor's and the Anonymous Author's Location and IP Address. It turns out that they both have the same IP Address, and the same location in the UK. THE EXACT same house number at the same village! I'm not releasing his information here for Connor's privacy, but I'm confirming that the Anonymous Author and Connor are both the same person. I don't know why The Anonymous Author wants to fake at all. Well, we have one post from an author regarding a contest!

From Heartie
Hi! I'd like to say that the winner of our WORD CONTEST is... CONNORSUCKSCHEATBLOG! Congratulations! Have fun with your membership! YAY! I love giving out free membership. (Also, I have two names, Bluey and Heartie. I think Aaypbs and some other people got confused before, but I'm BOTH Bluey and Heartie! That's all! I'm going to sponsor another contest soon! Got some more CP Membership! By the way, the word was ROCKHOPPER!

Well, that's all for today! Oh yeah. Bloke wins 1,000 Credits from ErasPencil for posting I HATE CONNOR five times! Because we do, I do, HATE CONNOR!

Heart Club, LLC
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