Sunday, May 8, 2011

Panfu Entries (Counted)

Panfu Superhero Competition – Win a Unicorn Saddle!

May 8th, 2011
Hey there heroes!
Some of you have asked Professor Bookworm to make some saddles for the Panfu unicorn. As you know he’s a busy and absent minded man, so we thought of a way to help him out. :idea:
The professor will make 10 unicorn saddles for especially kind and decent Pandas. They must respect the sacred animal and other Pandas as well. So now you can win a saddle by using your imagination and showing how incredibly kind and awesome super Pandas you can be! The winners are chosen based on creativity and good behaviour in Panfu.
You’ve been hoping for a drawing and writing competition for some time now, so now you’ll get one! :) And don’t worry, if you don’t think drawing is your best skill. You can also use the Panda template and just colour it as stunning as you can and write a little story to make it even more interesting.
1. Think of what kind of superhero you could be. What do you do to help others in Panfu and do you have a super power perhaps? Each Panda can only send us one picture and story, so take your time to plan your superhero. There are only 10 saddles, so use your time well to create an outstanding idea. You have until May 11th to participate.
2. Draw and colour a superhero costume on your Panda.
  • You can use the girl or boy Panda template to draw and colour your design onto. Or you can also just draw it yourself if you wish.
  • Colour and decorate your costume by hand or on the computere.g. in Paint. Add accessories and special equipment, and use plenty of colour and imagination!
  • If you colour it by hand, first you need to print it out and scan it back after you’ve coloured it. If you don’t have a scanner, take adigital photo of it. Please ask someone to help you. :)
3. Save your picture as your Pandaname and preferably in “png” or “jpg” format.  For example “Max.jpg”. Make sure you spell your name correctly, so the prize goes to the correct Panda if you win!
4. Attach the picture in an E-mail and write a maximum of 3-5 sentences about the superhero Panda. Unfortunately we can’t allow longer texts than that, because we wouldn’t have time to read them all. Ask your parent to check that the picture is correctly attached before you send it. Each Panda is allowed to send only 1 E-mail, so make sure it doesn’t get disqualified because of a small mistake. Then send it toat latest on Wednesday the 11th of May.
And then it’s time to keep your fingers crossed! :)
We’ll pick 10 of the most creative superheroes and Professor Bookworm will check their chat histories to see if they’ve been behaving well. We’ll announce the winners and give them their saddles on Saturday the 14th. Then they’ll get to take the unicorn off for a ride and keep doing their heroic acts around Panfu. :) (The outfits won’t enter the Panfu catalogue, they will be published here in the blog.)
Good luck, and let your imagination run wild like the unicorn!
Paws up for Super Pandas!
:cool: Max
 and Ella :mrgreen:
P.S. Any questions? Read the instructions above carefully, all you need to know is in there. ;) More tips for scanning and sending a picture to us you can find if you click here.

Evron Takes Revenge on Ella and Max

May 8th, 2011
Hi Pandas, Hi Ella,
I have to tell you something very important.
Really? YOU want to tell ME? Openly and in front of all Pandas?
Of course, how else would I do it? All Pandas should know about it.
WOW, I really underestimated you. But before you start, you should know that I already know. So you don’t have to be afraid to embarrass yourself.
Really, you know about Evron eavesdropping on our conversation with the Eavesdropping Robot and trying to hurt us with his evil methods?
How? What? This is not about the bouquet of roses :?:
Roses? Evron tried to kill me! :shock: You will remember telling the robot that I can’t swim? Evron registered that and tried using it against me yesterday. Here’s what happened: Yesterday, I was at the Swimming Pool and tried to chill on the inflatable mattress with a glass of lemonade . I closed my eyes to relax and clear my head. Suddenly, I heard a POP and then there was a hissing noise directly beside me…HISSSSS…oh no, there was a hole in my inflatable mattress! I held on to it while it was whizzing about in the pool, until it was completely deflated and I sank like the Titanic.
Luckily I can swim, otherwise…just when I had that thought, I realised – and I don’t know how – but it had to have been Evron who manipulated the inflatable mattress! He thinks that I  can’t swim and was hoping I would drown!! :???:
That is awful! Wait, didn’t you tell Evron that I am allergic to roses? Because I had roses sent to me, with a card that had an “E.” on it. The E doesn’t stand for Ella, but for Evron!! He sent me the flowers, because he thinks I am allergic to them. :shock: And I thought…oh, never mind. :oops: We immediately have to go to Bookworm and disable the Eavesdropping Robots once and for all! Who knows how else they will use our information against us!! Evron wants to take revenge on us, because we exposed him on Bitterland!
Paws up for Panfu,
Ella and Max

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