Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Jay-Pea is Here! (Counted)

Jay-Pea is Here!

May 11th, 2011
Hello Pandas,
Ella would like to continue to read Jay-Pea’s letter to you, so you will find out what happenend to Saroj – the 10 year old girl who had to work on her parent’s tea plantation instead of playing with her friends or going to school.
„ …A few weeks ago, I met Saroj again. She still works on her parent’s tea plantation, but just occasionally. Her situation has improved considerably since her parents have started participating in Fair Trade. Organisations and merchants have managed to push through that farmers will get a fair price for the tea they produce by working very hard, which puts an end to the previous exploitation they were suffering. This way, Saroj’s parents can afford sending their children to school, so they have a chance to lead a better life later on.
By going to school on a regular basis, Saroj moved a step closer towards becoming a doctor one day. Also, the money that is earned extra is used for financing a drinking water well, medicine orcontinuing education for the farmers, which helps improve their situation. Even though Fair Trade products are a little bit more expensive than others, I now only buy Fair Trade products for my purposes, of course. ;)
See ya! 
Your Jay-Pea“
Kamaria wants to tell you more about Fair Trade tomorrow. Kamaria even visited Saroj’s parents on their tea plantation and saw how they work. Sunday is also international Fair Trade Day! To celebrate our Fair Trade Week, Friday will be GOLD PANDA DAY! All Pandas will be able to access all Gold Membership features, like buying clothes and furniture, driving a car and feeding their pets.
But first, Jay-Pea needs your help. He’s standing at the Harbour with a heavy sack of tea that he wants to bring to Bruno’s restaurant. Could you help him out?
Paws up for Panfu,
Ella and Max
P.S. Have you read about our “Super Panda” drawing and writing competition yet? You still have until tomorrow (Thursday the 12th) to participate. Read more from this link. Good luck! ;)


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