Saturday, May 14, 2011

Contest Results

Hey, Guys! Joelle, here. The results for my contest will come soon. Aaypbs still have to e-mail the every little detail about every participation. You know, people said 40 or 41 BUT, I have to find out the date and time they sent it to Aaypbs. PEOPLE, seriously, I told you to e-mail ME, not Aaypbs. Why didn't you follow? It's OK, I won't count you out. BUT, NEXT time I make a contest and I say e-mail it to ME, then, you're disqualified. I'm warning you. A lot of people said the same number but I have to put it in order to see who is the grand winner.

To Aaypbs:
Please send me the entries of my contests and it's time and date by e-mail. Thanks.


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