Sunday, May 22, 2011

Exchange Credits for REAL MONEY!

Have you ever a new bike or that video game you saw yesterday at the store? Well, now you can redeem your PH Credits for real Paypal Cash! Each credit is worth about $1 US, so if you have 400,000 credits (SugarCookie!) you'll have $400,000! Yes, 400 Grand.

Or, you can go for the membership. You can use your Paypal cash for most things! I know the iTunes Store accepts Paypal, accepts it (I think), most online stores accept it.

More info in the credit section.

***From Heart Club: If 20 or more people email Aaypbs or comment on this post someone like "Joelle deserves to win" we will give her 10,000 credits.***

PH Main Author


  1. win what? win the author contest? well, if that's what youre talking about...

    I do deserve to win for posting a lot, and ALOT of posts...