Monday, May 2, 2011

We Love Spies

May 2nd, 2011
Hello Pandas,

Phew, we certainly got rid of that spy!! Great work, Pandas!

It was child’s play in the end, really. :D The spy had been hiding in Bookworm’s Time Machine! He couldn’t escape, even if he wanted to! We stood right in front of the Time Machine and took out our water bombs. 1-2-3, go!! The Time Machine made a few loud noises, the door sprang open and out came a cute little Bitterland spy. :)

Cute? The little rascal just ran through my legs and then held his mini taser against the back of my leg! Hihi, that tickled quite a lot, actually. :oops: As a punishment, I only bought the little guy one bonbon instead of a whole bag later on.

Um, don’t get us wrong. We haven’t switched sides or anything. We’re still on your side. ;) But the little one looked so cute in his tiny Bitterland uniform…and how he looked at us with his huge puppy dog eyes. Adorable!! We couldn’t help hugging him and buying him candy and a rubber duck from the kiosk. A little later, we even threw hearts at him. :)

That was too much for the little Bitterland spy. Experiencing so much love, he started yelling loudly and fled the way he came: through the drain pipes. :D

Well, that’ll teach him, hehe. :lol: Luckily, Kamaria gave us a little something to remember the cute spy by: an “I ♥” shirt :)
Paws up for Panfu,
Ella and Max


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