Monday, May 23, 2011

Post a Question!

Have you ever had a question? Well, now is your chance to get it anwsered!
Just post a comment!


  1. Thanks for anwsering!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hey, um... Well I have a Q. What is a puffle? I was so scared to ask! Well? What are they? I've just started CP, and how much to they cost????

  3. A puffle is a fur ball. There really cute! Members can buy all the colors ( They come in Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Purple, Black and Pink!) They all like to do diffrent things. There have a fave food, toy. Non-members can buy the red and blue ones. ( 1 of each, or 2 of the same color, you can only have 2) Some can even play CP games! The red puffle like to play Catching Waves, a surfing game. You can also read some cool facts about them in the Puffle Handbook!
    They cost 800$ in CP money.

  4. Wait! I'm sorry, There's ONE puffle I missed! It's the white puffle! (It's smaller than the others!!)
    And only members can get it. BUT there is a way for you to get 'em! Just buy a puffle teddy bear or a key-chain and there is a code on them! Click on the coin in the upper right. Then login, but it will go to something NOT the servers! Click on "I have a code" LOG IT IN! YA! Now you can chose any color of puffle you want! PLUS ONE MORE THING! You can chose a clothing item or 500$ on CP. Key-Chain cost: 7$ Puffle-Teddy: 8$ or 9$