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Around the World – International Children’s Day

May 26th, 2011
Hello fluffy Pandas,
Did you know that there are almost 2 billion children living in this world? That’s almost a third of the entire world population! That means you should carry a lot of weight in this world. And you have a lot to celebrate! :) Just like there is Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, there is also a day dedicated to children: “International Children’s Day” on June 1!
Flagge zum Internationalen Kindertag. image prepared by Jorge Candeias, 3 August 2005, original artist unknown
Of course you should also know what is behind that day. That is why I am giving you a bit of background information today. :)
What is a “Children’s Day”?
Children’s Day is celebrated by children all over the world. In many places, kids’ parties and other events for children and their families take place. Often, parents also give their children a present for Children’s Day. Unfortunately, not all children in the world live comfortably. Many live in poverty, are not free or are being treated unfairly. That is why Children’s Day also serves to raise awareness forchildren and their rights. According to the United Nations, every child should have a right to education, good health, a fair standard of living and the right to freedom of expression. Speeches and events are supposed to show how important children are. Children like you are the future!
How long has Children’s Day been celebrated?
In 1925, 54 countries met for the “World Conference for the Well-being of Children”. As a consequence of that, the first “Declaration for the Protection of Children” was written. The conference also encouraged a day that would put an emphasis on remembering children’s rights, as well as respect for and dignity of children once a year. No specific day was agreed on, but by now, over 30 countries celebrate “International Children’s Day” on June 1.
Panfu naturally celebrates the “International Children’s Day”, complete with a Kids’ Party and Gold Panda Days. But Max and Ella will tell you more about that in the Blog. ;) Have you already printed the postcard from the mail box in the City?
What do you like most about being a kid? What annoys you the most about it? Tell us what you think in the survey on the kids page!
Love & Peace

The Kung Fu Training Can Begin

May 26th, 2011
Hello Pandas,
It’s time! My great-great-greatgrandfather Pan Lee has arrived in Panfu! Now he’s relaxing on the Castle Terrace and is patiently waiting to meet you. He really wants to introduce you to the high art of Kung Fu, so that we will be able to defend ourselves better against Evron and his guard next time.
If we use the “White Lotus” with Evron, his massive pancakes will end up on the ground, chopped to bits. :cool:
“White Lotus” isn’t a plant, by the way, but a Kung Fu move that you will surely learn about today.
This is your chance to meet one of the best Kung Fu masters and learn a few moves from him. Pan Lee really knows his stuff! No wonder, he’s been living in China for the past 60 years. Pan Lee is over 100 years old (!)
But he’s fit like a 20 year old athlete! Pan Lee also brought an original Chinese Kung Fu Outfit for all Pandas who are up to dealing with his lessons.
Fitting right in with our International Childrens’ Day week, we have outfits from all parts of the world for you today:
The country flags look quite good used as fun summer clothes, don’t they?
Paws up for Panfu,
Ella and Max

A Postcard from Pan Lee

May 25th, 2011
Good Morning Pandas,
I got mail from my great-great-greatgrandfather Pan Lee!! Do you remember him?
Max and I visited him in Tibet, where he lives in a buddhist temple, during our trip around the world. He introduced us to his life at the temple and showed us how to meditate. Max even learned a few Kung Fu tricks from him. But I think it’s time for him to refresh his memory – just a little while ago, he wanted to turn off the light with a kick against the light switch, but miscalculated his momentum, performed a somersault and fell on his back. :lol:
But the light was off after that :cool:
Yeah and you lay on the floor in the dark. :D Pan Lee isn’t coming a moment too soon! Why? I won’t say yet. You’ll have to read for yourself. I hung his postcard on the tree beside the Barn, so you can all read his message.
I’m on my way. Almost. Before I go and have a look, I will take a detour to the yellow mail box in the City. Until June 1, all Pandas candownload a great postcard there and send it to all their friends!Because on June 1, we celebrate…DRUM ROLL…
We’re also really keen to figure out what you think is the greates thing about being a kid and what annoys you about it. Let us know what you think in our SURVEYOf course we’ll let you know how other kids feel about that, too.
In the course of the next week, there will be more ways for us to celebrate ourselves. Prepare to be surprised! ;)
Paws up for Panfu,
Ella and Max
P.S. A few of you had a great idea about how to restore Ella’s name: We’ll send a picture of a pancake fight to the Chinese newspaper. Then they’ll see that the journalist’s story was a lie. Do you want to be in the picture? Come to the City at 5 pm today to join the big pancake fight! Not a word to Ella, of course. ;)

Clumsy Panda vs Sneaky Peacock

May 24th, 2011
Hiya Pandas,
I’ve somewhat recovered from my sudden fame in the Chinese tabloids. That kind of news has at least some advantages: If I should ever travel to China again, I might get some noodle dishes for free. :)
…they surely won’t make any pancakes for you over there anymore. :D
:oops: I also read in another newspaper that, because of my picture,  I am the second most famous Panda bear at the moment. Try and beat that! Po, the clumsy Kung Fu fighter from the movie “Kung Fu Panda” is in first place, by the way.

Do you remember him? Po, who worked at Mr. Ping’s – his father – noodle restaurant, suddenly had to fight the evil snow leopard Tai Lung as a complete Kung Fu beginner. In “Kung Fu Panda 2″, which will come to theaters on June 10, things are about to get worse: Po, risen to the rank of dragon warrior by now, is supposed to fight none other than Lord Shen:

A peacock?? Piece of cake! Even I’d be able to do that blindfolded! :cool:
You wouldn’t, if said peacock were cold-blooded, in possession of a secret, invincible weapon and had the declared goals of banishing Kung Fu and conquering China!
Oops! I think I’ll retreat to the comfy chairs in the cinema and keep my fingers crossed for Po. I never wanted to become famous, anyway… :oops:
I don’t believe a word of that! Maybe my contact to the journalist will somehow prove useful and I can get a “Kung Fu Panda 2″ competition set up for us Pandas – more or less as a form of compensation ;) Wish me luck!
Join the Pandamonium this Half-Term. :)
Paws up for Panfu
 and Max

New Today: Pinboard for Your Messages

May 24th, 2011
Hello Pandas,
Starting in the afternoon today, you will be able to send very special messages to your Panda friends – even when they’re offline!! With the new PINBOARD, you can invite friends to parties or tell them that their Tree House or outfit is especially cool. Of course, you will also be notified right away if someone invited you to a party :) 
Here’s how it works:
In the top left corner of your game screen, you will find an access point to your Pinboard that looks like an envelope with a little calendar:
There you’ll find all messages that you have received and can send messages yourself, too:
Do you want to tell a Panda that you like their outfit? Write it! Do you think a friend’s Tree House is cool? Just send a message and they’ll know! Do you want to host a party? Send invitations to your friends! In your invitations, you can write when and where the party will be. You can also set the dress code. You just have to say which motto your party will have: Should it be a Rockstar Party with wild outfits? A Birthday Party with funny party hats? A party with crazy outfits? There are many more…you’re the host, so you decide!
You can send one message to each of your Panda friends per day. Now I know how to cheer up Ella: I will send her a message! She’s bound to forget about that silly news article after that!
Paws up for Panfu,
P.S. The Pinboard will only be available sometime in the afternoon today. Be a little patient!
P.P.S. With the new furniture, you can give your Tree House an international touch:

Ella is Afraid of Pancakes?

May 23rd, 2011
Hiya Pandas!
Why so cheerful? I just had the worst morning of my life. :(
But today is YOUR big day. You are in a Chinese newspaper! :)
Don’t even remind me! You have no idea what this tabloid guy did! He totally mixed up my text!! I told him everything about Evron and his evil deeds…and how he lured Paul the Kid towards Bitterland with pancakes. And what do I read in the newspaper today? Lies! The journalist completely twisted my words. :mad: But have a look yourself:
Unfortunately,  I can. :( I lived with my great-great-great-grandfather Pan Lee in China once. Here’s what it says:
Fear of Pancakes! 
A few months ago, the island Panfu collided with Bitterland. Evron, the ruler over Bitterland, has effectively employed a weapon against the Pandas: Pancakes! :D You read that right. The American treat made from flour, sugar and milk puts the Pandas in a state of fear. Even Ella from Panfu, the Blog writer, takes a step back when she sees pancakes.
This is INCREDIBLY embarrassing! I won’t be able to go out in China anymore or even travel there. Everybody will think I am a wimp who is afraid of pancakes. :???: That’s slander! Now I can forget about my career as a journalist. I have to go – put my head in the sand somewhere. :cry:
But…and she’s gone! Oh no, poor Ella! :( I have never seen her this desperate. How can we cheer her up again? She’s a great reporter! She proves that in this Blog every day. Do you have any ideas?
Paws up for Panfu,

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