Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Panfu Entries

We Present: The Talented Pandartista!!

May 18th, 2011
Hello Pandas,
Step right up for the 20 nominees in our Panfu Circus Competition! In our gallery, you’ll find very special shows: breathtaking acrobatics, incredible magic tricks, captivating balancing acts and much more – there is nothing our Pandartista can’t do!
Take some time to watch all the videos. Believe me, you won’t regret it! Every video is unique, funny AND international! :)
Pandas from all over the world participated in the competition. So don’t be surprised if some videos are all gobbledygook to you. ;) What counts are all the fantastic tricks! And here they are… (DRUM ROLL)…our unique and world renowned PANDARTISTA:
Now you’re the judge! You decide who will win. So make sure to vote for YOUR FAVOURITE in the poll on the right hand side! You have until May 26 to vote! To make the decision easier for you, you can choose up to 5 Pandartista in the poll!
You will see the name of your favourite Pandartista at the top left corner of each specific video when you hover over it with your cursor. Where it says “by…” you will find your favourite’s name. Have fun voting!
A big THANK YOU to everyone else who has made a great effort to submit a special video!
Paws up for Panfu
Ella and Max

Who Took the Armbands?

May 18th, 2011
Hiya Pandas,
Gonzo finally revealed why he’s been so out of it in the last few days: somebody just took the Armbands from his Kiosk at the Swimming Pooland hasn’t brought them back!
Hihi, his Armbands. That’s too funny! :D
Max, I really don’t see how that’s funny. After all, the Panda who took the Armbands wrote a note saying he would bring them back. Gonzo has been waiting for them to reappear for an entire week and NOTHING! No trace, no more notes, no Armbands! Well, if you tell the story like that, it does sound a bit ridiculous…but Gonzo is upset. He’s really attached to the Armbands and just wants to know who secretly took them.

He is sure that at least a few Pandas know who took the Armbands. You’d best go and see him in the Kiosk at the Swimming Pool and ask him for clues. I am sure we will reveal the Armband thief soon! Good luck!
Paws up for Panfu
Max and Ella
P.S.Today in the afternoon, we’ll announce the nominated contestants of the Circus Video Competition! Make sure not to miss it! I guarantee that it’ll be funny! :)

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