Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ella Makes a Decision

Ella Makes a Decision

May 7th, 2011
Hello Pandas,
I am now 100% sure that Max is my secret admirer. He always acts tough and has this cool detective demeanour, but when it comes to love, he’s as soft as a stick of butter in the sun. And how clumsy he sometimes can be – adorable! :D He’s at the Swimming Pool just now, presumably to chill on the inflatable mattress. But I know Max better than that. He’s avoiding me! He’s probably too shy to tell me personally that he’s got a crush on me. That’s why I have decided to take things into my own hand. I will tell Max tomorrow that I like him, too. I am a bit nervous, to be honest, but technically, nothing can go wrong. At least I now know that he feels the way I do. :)
But how do I tell him? “Max, I like you, too”? No, that’s too blunt. Maybe “Max, I know.”? Hmm, that sounds as if I caught him doing something wrong. :D How about “I feel the same way you do”? Noo, too slick. Have you ever confessed your feelings to someone? What did you say and how did they take it? Help me, because I want to tell Max on the blog tomorrow!
By the way, you should still wear Prof. Bookworm’s Anti Eavesdropping Hat. We might have deactivated the Eavesdropping Robot at Kamaria’s yesterday, but there could still be others just like it out there in Panfu:
Be watchful! Paws up for Panfu,


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