Friday, May 13, 2011

Panfu Entries

Bruno and His Lucky Shoes

May 14th, 2011
Good Morning Pandas,
It’s Tea Time!
And time for a funny, colourful Bollywood Party. Because today, the big Bollywood Tea Party kicks off at the Ballroom! :D Until Tuesday, you can discover your sparkly self. In Bollywood movies, the clothes are colourful, glittery and so beautiful! Indian men usually wear simpler clothing and often a also turbans.
We had lots of fun during the preparations for the party yesterday. After we had decorated the Ballroom together with Bruno, everyone changed into their Bollywood outfits.
I’d chosen a red dress and a matching scarf, naturally with glitter. :)Max wore a green turban around his head, a white coat and simple Indian cloth shoes. All that made him look a little bit like an oil sheik. Funny! :D
But not as funny as Bruno. He totally refused to take off his beloved lucky shoes – red wellington boots:shock: He believes that disaster would strike if he took them off. That’s why his outfit is a little, well…eccentric. :D
Enjoy the Party!
Paws up for Panfu
 and Ella
P.S. Remember: There are only 2 days left for you to upload your video for the Panfu Circus Competition to YouTube!

Party Preparations on Friday the 13th

May 13th, 2011
Hiya Pandas,
Tomorrow, the Ballroom will be turned into a dream from „Arabian Nights“ . :) Bruno was so caught up in hosting a Bollywood Tea Party that he totally forgot about his pots in the restaurant over the last few days.
Instead, he dealt with fine silk and tea pots, so that the mix of Bollywood Party and Tea Party will be perfect. Here’s a little sample of the Ballroom, as it is supposed to look tomorrow:
Well, how do you like it? Hopefully nothing will go wrong during the preparations! Because today is Friday the 13th!! :shock: You should know that Bruno is a little bit superstitious. He specifically put on his lucky shoes and put a horse shoe above his Tree House door, so that nothing will go wrong today. Do you believe that Friday the 13th means bad luck? Or did something even happen to you on that kind of day?
I am really eager to see which costumes you will choose for the party! A little tip for all Pandas without a Gold Membership: from Saturday until Tuesday, the days of the party, ALL Pandas can buy things from the Bollywood collection and wear them! Of course you can try on your costumes today, too, because today is GOLD PANDA DAY!

Paws up for Panfu
Ella and Max

Around the World – Fair Trade

May 12th, 2011
Hello fluffy Pandas,
May 14 is “World Fair Trade Day”. Everything on this day revolves around Fair Trade. As you gathered from Saroj’s story, this is an important topic, because many workers and especially farmers around the world do not work under “fair” conditions at all. They make too little money for their harvest or produce.
Luckily, many organisations in the poorest countries of the world are campaigning for Fair Trade. Among other things, they fight for farmers to get the best price for their harvest and thus want to help prevent exploitation.
What is Fair Trade About?
Fair Trade is about paying workers fair prices; it is about treating them like they deserve. Because of Fair Trade, Saroj’s family gets fair payment for their tea. This ensures that they have enough money available to take care of their family without the work of their children. Instead of working, Saroj can go to school and build a better future for herself and her future family.
How is a Fair Trade Product Created?
I checked my Crystal Ball for you and watched Saroj’s family do their job. As you can see in the comic strip below, Saroj’s family puts a lot of time and effort into producing tea:
First, tea leaves are picked and of course only the good ones are selected for further processing. After that, the leaves are dried and with the help of a press, which extracts the juices from the leaves. This process also gives the leaves their brown colour.
Of course there are many more steps which we are not seeing in the pictures. Once the tea has been dried, it is weighed and sold to merchants. The tea then is packed, driven to the harbours in big trucks and shipped into all the different parts of the world, so that many people can enjoy a cup of tea!
Which Products Are „Fair Trade“ ?
Many things that we eat on a daily basis are products that Fair Trade organisations try to protect, like tea, coffee, chocolate, juice and honey. Pay attention to the products that you usually buy at a supermarket! You can also recognise products stemming from Fair Trade by their Fair Trade logo:
It is not only important to treat other people fairly in the trade of goods. As much as it is important to pay farmers in Africa or the tea pickers in India fairly, it is also important to say “Please” and “Thank You”. You should also make sure that none of your friends or other children get left out or are bullied. We should always make sure to treat others fairly in our every day life. Remember: Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself!
What do you think about Fair Trade? Do you think it is important to treat others fairly? What do you think is fair or unfair?
Love & Peace

Anybody Looking for a Job?

May 12th, 2011
Howdy Pandas,
How are you? What can I get you? Would you like your fries with mayonnaise or ketchup? Would you like a drink with that? Are you eating in or is that to go?
Um, right. Small fries with mayonnaise, please. Coke. To go.
Unfortunately, I am off-duty right now. :lol: I just felt inspired by the new Work Clothes. Now you Pandas can go and look for jobs at the Ice Cream Parlour, the Beauty Salon or the Kiosk. ;)
Very funny! Now I would really like some fries and Coke. But a cup of Indian Fair Trade tea will also do the trick – and is even better. ;) But I have to see that Bruno’s tea pot won’t be catapulted through the air when I lift it up.

I still have arm muscles like Arnold Schwarzenegger because of the cereal bars from the Vending Machine. :mrgreen:
Oops, I’d better get out of your way then. :???: Have you carried the sack to Bruno’s restaurant yet? I think his idea of a big Bollywood Tea Party at the Ballroom is totally cool, don’t you?
There will be beautiful Indian silk cloth as decoration and of course some tea cup furniture. Bruno is still working on the decoration, but maybe we can show you a picture tomorrow already.
Paws up for Panfu,
Ella and Max


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