Monday, May 2, 2011

Contest Reminder

This is about the 3rd warning about the Pizza Party. I will tell you who is invited to my party on 9:00PM eastern time in the US, tomorrow. Ok? So, hurry it up and type your username in the comments!

OH and about the video contest that I'm hosting....uhm...for the grand prize, I am going to add another prize to the winners, which is points/credits. You see, I got the idea from Aaypbs' post about gift cards or paypals cards, etc. So, I got inspired by that from the help of Aaypbs. Thanks, Aaypbs. :) So, the grand prize is Shoutouts on my blog, on my youtube channel, gets to be friends with me on Pandanda, CP, and Panfu, and 100 points/credits! Yay! And for the second winner: Shoutout on my blog, on my youtube channel, and 50 points/credits! Awesome! And for the third winner: Shoutout on my blog AND 20 points/credits!

I just love hosting contests. :)

Good luck, contestants!

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