Friday, April 29, 2011

Where'd we get the Swfs?

Ok, The Anonymous Author, where'd we get the swfs? Because another blog says that we "copied" them. I don't want anything copied on this blog! Oh yeah. Where'd we get the Rockhopper Tracker either?

Well, we could copy them if there's a link back to the blog AND if the author says we can.

Well, let me announce that (IF THE SWFS aren't COPIED) Anonymous Author and Joelle are tied for the lead, with 63 points each. Yay.

The contest does NOT end now!

Also, please stop swearing at Connor! DO NOT SAY THOSE TWO WORDS, KICKOUT! I have two words for you. You're fired.

I still think the swfs are copied, because how'd you find the info without the $600 CP SWF Finder? And the links are of another site's links.

Did you guys know that there is a secret room on CP that's only for members? To get it, you have to follow the black puffles in Puffle Rescue, and follow the squid shadow until you come to a door. Enter it, and poof! Guess what? You're in a secret room! Then, grab the pin, and you only have to go in the door at the hidden lake from now on! Here's a picture of the underwater room if you're not a member...

We got a HUGEEEEE shipment of CP AND Panfu Membership just 5 minutes ago! Emailing people with a code! If I didn't email you this time, wait until the NEXT huge shipment!

And don't even think about asking for free membership now. Well, you can, but good luck waiting 3 years!

PH Main Author

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