Saturday, April 30, 2011

Spy Quest Walkthrough Part 2

1. Go to the lake and talk to Mr. Curley.
2. Pump up the tube and go down the slide!
3. Notice the stick sticking out of the water...
4. The spy will run out of the water and head toward the jungle!
5. Talk to the clown and go to the Jungle!
6. Go in the Jungle Cave.
7. Go into the lab. (First Door)
8. Talk to Professor Bookworm.
9. Throw a water balloon in the shrinking machine.
10. The spy will walk out!
11. Talk to the professor and head to the Swimming Pool!
12. Talk to the panda with sunglasses and head into the locker... QUICK!
13. Click on the spy and throw a heart at him! (This took me 15 minutes to figure out!)
14. Go back outside and talk to Kamaria.
15. Get your Spy T-Shirt and 200 coins.

Not TOO bad of a prize. I remember that Chronicler quest which was a bit harder and we only got like 100 coins!

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