Saturday, April 30, 2011



(From Aaypbs: We're having some problems with authors who can't post. When they click "Publish Post" it just says error. So, some authors are sending posts to my email and told me to upload.)

Hi Everyone! My name is Heartie and I'm a new author.

I want to kick off my time here and start with a GRAND CONTEST!

Here is how it works!

On this blog, me and Aaypbs have hid ONE word on this blog.

The word is like this:


Sensei is NOT the word!

The first person to post the correct word gets 5 years of CP Membership from me, and Aaypbs will add in 5 years of CP Membership!

I know the prize isn't as big as some of our other contests, but I paid $300, and Aaypbs paid $300 for the prizes, so hope you enter!

From Heartie
PH Author

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