Thursday, April 28, 2011


I know this blog doesn't talk about Webkinz that much. But, I am inviting YOU to a Pizza Party! Cool, huh?

I am giving this "contest" a 5-day wait. So, PEOPLE! TIME IS TICKING!

I pick 5 days because I want to give people some time to join because there might be not a lot of people who wants to join.
Remember to go to the Light Green zone for more details! Well, go to the Light Green zone in Webkinz when I tell you when it is going to be. Yeah, you don't even know the details. But, you do know that it is a pizza party.

I can't tell you when the party is going to be because I don't even know when it is going to be! I'm trying to make the party over the weekend. I don't want to do it on weekdays because I am not sure if the people who I am inviting have a lot of homework. I'm trying to do it when you all have free time. Plus, I want all of the invited people to come.

I can only invite up to 8 people. So, tell me your username in the comments below!
It's like a contest! I'll pick random winners! The prizes for all 8 winners is to get invited to the coolest Pizza Party! YAY!

So, go on and type down your username in the comments below! Hurry! Time is ticking!

You see, this is not a REAL contest. It's similar to one. I have to pick 8 random winners just like any other contest will do. Remember: it's NOT a contest. It's similar to one.

This will be held at my Webkinz's house. Well, I have a room called "The Attic". There is nothing in that room. But, it's very BIG. I could use that room for the party because it has a LOT of room.

This is going to be so much fun!

I do have friends to invite to this party but, I can't invite them because they don't go online anymore. So, I need new friends to invite. That's why I need your username.

Again, I don't know when it is going to be yet because I don't want you to wait so long for the party. So, I was thinking that the party could be on next Saturday. So, once I the contest is over on Tuesday, I could set up the party, send the invitations, etc., on Tuesday. So, it [probably] is official that the party is on next Saturday. *claps hands*

If you have any questions, you can ask me on email:
You can chat with me on Yahoo! Messenger. My Yahoo! ID is
By the way, I was only 7 years old when I got "joeybratz", so, don't make fun of it. For example, "This girl still plays Bratz?! Gee. She's such a 5-year-old." There is NO reason to make fun of it. I was only 7 years old! DEAL WITH IT!

Or, if you don't have an email or Yahoo! Messenger, there's another way to contact me:
1. Go to this site: [This is my blog.]
2. Go to the page, "Contact Me"
3. In the comments, put your question there. I have to accept it, that way, I will reply ASAP instead of a year later. But, when I reply, it will not warn you that it's there. Just stay tuned to see if your reply from me is there.

Yeah, this is very long. So, I'll just stop it from here. :)



  1. HI JOELLE MY NAME is SUPER COOKIE and I want to go to your WEBKINZ PARTY! Don't put me down yet because I'm not exactly sure if I'm able to go YET! My friends ALL WANT TO GO too! They'll comment soon!

  2. Guess what my Yahoo ID is? Something to do with Mickey Mouse and I made it when I was five. :)

    P.S. Let me try to make a Webkinz and I might go.
    Name: Christmas124