Saturday, April 30, 2011

Party Pics


The party was GREAT!

here are some pics!

The Picture above is Amanta, cool_panda4eva, andrew, coolguy, and me!

(Before i took this, there was LOADS of people, but for some wierd reason they went off. :(

That Above is 4 different pictures. :)
one is 3 Micheal Jackson dancers (Me, Andrew, and Cool_panda4eva-amanta and coolguy didnt want to be in. :(

Again, For some reason, Andrew, amanta, and coolguy lost connection. This is Me playing the Drums and Coolpanda4eva the Piano. Also, Coolpanda is doing a smiley, and im waving!

After everyone went apart from coolpanda, we went to His tree, and used the Walk High on Treehouses Glitch.... Then we went on Club penguin.

Also, For people who missed out, Meet Pandomon City Tomorrow, at 6pm Uk time!
And we will have ANOTHER party!

Extra Details: I put on the Jukebox and played Fireworks and Hero???
We went into all 3 rooms! There was a Music room, Party Room, and fun room. The rooms include:

Music room:All the instruments on this picture:  

Party Room: These and MORE!:

Fun room: Popcorn machine, 10,000 coin Massive TV, Popcorn machine, Cinema Seats,Pizza Oven 



PS: Do i get any Points for this?
PSS: Aaypbs, check your email. :)

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