Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sale: 75% on Selected Furniture

Sale: 75% on Selected Furniture
April 26th, 2011
Hello Pandas,
The big Panfu sale has begun! :D

Really? Out of my way, Max! I have to get to the furniture catalogue at my Tree House. Now! I cannot miss this.
But…and she’s gone. The Sale will be on for two weeks. Today and next week Tuesday, different sets of furniture will be added to the Sale, on Thursday, furniture that is 75% off will be added. You heard right! All furniture that is marked with…

…will be on Sale for one week. Pandas with a Gold Membership will find adventure and spring furniture in the catalogue with massive price reductions. :) Just browse through the catalogue. There’s something for everyone! I will get the adventure furniture right away, of course. ;) Good news for Pandas without a Gold Membership: You can buy one set that’s on Sale and use it for one week. From today, you can buy this romantic furniture set and put it up in your Tree House until Monday:

Paws up for Panfu,
Max (and Ella, who’s totally in a shopping frenzy)

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