Monday, April 25, 2011

Create your own banner at!

Hi Guys!

I made that banner for the blog (With the website which i made it on STILL on!)

And also,Here is a message for Aaypbs:

Aaypbs, If you were thinking i swore,it wasnt me. It was probably a person commenting with their name 'Anonymous'

thats why ive made my name 'The Anonymous Author' so you know if its me or not anymore!

Aaypbs, You know my real age, So do you think a ___ Year old would swear?
Nope, i wouldnt, ive never swore in my life.



Ps:When will the riddle contest answers be out? Because i think that ______ And _____/_____ are going to get the prizes!I dont know

PSS: Check your mail. :)

PSSS: Finding the Cp codes are too hard! Wow, whoever finds them are really good!! :)


  1. No, you didn't swear, Anonymous. It was someone else. :)

  2. By the way, the banner sucks. :) I may change my banner soon, but any banner with citations like "Made with LaLaLa" sucks.