Thursday, April 28, 2011

Walkthrough-Spy Quest

Thanks to Liam for posting that it WAS Level Up day yesterday in Panfu!

Well, here's a walkthrough for the new quest!

1. Go to Kamaria.
2. Visit Gonzo at the Swimming Pool. Scary...
3. Go to the Locker and click on the hole in the ground.
4. Go back to Gonzo at the Swimming Pool.
5. You'll see a panda in the tree at the right side of the screen! Throw a water balloon at him... quick! You need to time it perfectly to hit him!
6. The Spy will walk to the right and disappear!
7. Talk to Gonzo and go to the lake.
8. Talk to the clown.
9. GO BACK ON FRIDAYYYYYY! The wait a day thing AGAIN? If you started this quest yesterday, it'll be TWO days.

I'm going to make a few blog edits today, then comes the launch of A NEW CONTEST! It has something to do with voting again...

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