Thursday, April 28, 2011

NEW CONTEST! (1000 YEARS of FREE MEMBERSHIP!) Yes, I said years...

If you've been requesting for a month of free membership, sure, I'll give it to you when I have enough. If you ARE requesting, you should enter some of our contests! Our last contest was just for more than 357 YEARS of FREE MEMBERSHIP! You don't have to believe me. But you will when you win!

Usually, I only give out prizes for first place, but when I'm in a good mood, I'll give out prizes for second and third.


(P.S. The backup date for free membership is a few years now because of the... 100,000 requests...)

WHOEVER MAKES THE MOST "Informative" Posts wins! 

I classify informative posts as:
Walkthroughs (Here are the cheats for the Earth Day Party! First, go to the...)
Information Things like "It's Level Booster Day on Panfu!"and"The Field Op is at the Coffee Shop!"
Theories (I think that there will be a new puffle tommorrow!)
Contests (Here's a contest for 1,000,000 Panfu Coins!)
Parties (I'm having a party on ___ tommorrow! Here's the info...)
Cheats (Here's how you walk on walk on walls...)
And More...

Panfu Help is sponsoring Panfu, Club Penguin, and Pandanda, but all virtual worlds are fine, including Webkinz, Fantage, Animal Jam, Roblox...

I will not be judging. Heart Club, LLC's 7 panel team will see who makes the best posts, and you'll get FREE MEMBERSHIP. How much? Only 1,000 years.

Worth playing for? PLAY!

More posts will also help you. IF you make 100 posts will small things like "Hi! I'm back" and someone else makes 1 QUEST WALKTHROUGH ON PANFU (Only 1), the person who made 1 walkthrough would probably win! More posts won't guarantee a win!

Contest ends in 1 week.

If you have questions, comment or email... you know how!

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  1. umm... so u win 1000 years of membership for...

  2. I know some secret places like a mountain and a space control ship thing here is what you do; 1. Go to the swimming pool, 2. Go into the lockers, 3. Click on the glowing light on the lockers, 3. Walk foward to the elevator and click on it and there you go your ship and the mountain is just outside.

  3. in the sports feild there is a green and white building it is a basketball cort the door is closed but if u click on the door you can get in!

  4. in the sports feild there is a green and white building it is a basketball cort the door is closed but if u click on the door you can get in! its ausome!

  5. if you throw a water balloon at kamira she will zap you and you will burn then you we be thrown out onto the terrace!

  6. so you have to have a blog?

  7. Bigfoot quest.
    1. Go to Bigfoot in the Caribean Beach.
    2. Go to the fisherman in the harbor.
    3. Go to the Jungle Cave, Second Door to get the fishing rod. Then, give it back to the fisherman.
    4. Do not go play a game, unless you want to. Go to some other room and go back to the fisherman. Collect your fish.
    5. Go to Bigfoot. He will deny your fish.
    6. Go to Chef Bruno. Talk to him or her.
    7. Go to the beauty salon and get the bottle of oil on the table. (Seriously, who puts Olive Oil in a Beauty Salon?)
    8. Go back to the Restraunt. Come back tommorow.

    Day 2
    1. Go get the Fish Fingers from the Chef.

    2. Give it to Bigfoot. He should stand up.
    3. Talk to Him.
    4. Go to the Swimming Pool and Talk to the Lifeguard.
    5. Go in the Locker.
    6. Click on the flashing locker.You will need a key to open this locker.
    7. Come out of the locker and talk to the Lifeguard Again.
    8. Talk to Kamelia in the Castle Tower.
    9. Come back tommorow.
    I don't know how you're supposed to figure out to talk to the lifeguard without a hint. I just got it by luck.

    Day 3
    1. Go to Kamelia and collect the keys.

    2. Click on the locker in the locker.
    3. You will be in a hallway.Click on the Door.
    4. Click on the eight puzzle pieces.
    5. Talk to the lifeguard and go to the library. The ninth piece should be on a table.
    6. Go back to the locker and complete the puzzle.It might take you a couple tries.
    7. Once you are done, head out and click on the door again.
    8. You will land in a new room.
    9. In the room, you will see a arrow on the floor. Click on it.
    10. Answer the Questions. Answers:
    What is a Panda's Favorite Snack?


    In which country do Pandas live in the wild?


    What is the Latin Name for Panda?

    I think it's the first one...

    11. The Door should open. Go in and you will see the hair dryer!
    12. Click on.the plug.
    13. You should see a puzzle. Click the rows of words until you make the word "Stop."
    14. Go back to Bigfoot and talk to him.

    15. Grab a stick from the Pony Yard
    16. Give it to Bigfoot
    17. Go to Lili in the Beauty Salon.
    18. Come Back Tommorow.

    Day 4
    1. Go to Lili in the Beauty Salon and get the Canvas.

    2. Give it to Bigfoot.
    3. Go to the Ice Cream Parlor, Throw a Water Balloon in the Ice Machine, and there you go! This is kind of hard to figure out is you're new.
    4. Give it to Bigfoot.
    5. Yay! You've Finished the Quest! Collect your Igloo Treehouse! This, im my opinion, beats EVERY SINGLE Prize Panfu ever gave us! (No offense, but I think prizes like a alarm clock, wreath, and statue are slightly lame!)

  8. i no how to get into da mountain pandahill
    1.go to da pool.
    2.go in to da locker room. on the locker that has a light shining through the vent on it.
    4. u will go into a cave way carry on walkin through.
    5.u will get into an elevator. on the door the elevator will move.
    7. TADA u have got into the mountain.!
    1.go to the volcano. on the telescope and go down to the left corner there will b a light shining press on it.
    3.u are at the errie forest now go to the tree on the right and press on it!!.
    THERE YA GO THATS HOW U GET INTO THOSE PLACES I HOPE THAT HELPED!! p.s my name on panfu is cutie011 add me!!!!!

  9. I know how to get in secret places....
    1. Waterfall: Go to the jungle. look to the middle and you will see a Waterfall. Hover your cursour over it and it will say: Waterfall. Click on the waterfall and you will be in a rock cave with a watefall falling down beside it!
    2. Pandana Hill: Go to the volcano and look through the teloscope. then go to the left bottom side and theres this star. click on it and you'll go to the eerie forest! Then go to the right hand top corner and you'll see a crab go into a hole. when the crab appears and comes out the log then Click on your profile,exit it then jump into the hole. You will be on a hill that looks like a panda!
    3. Space ship and Mountain: First go to the pool and then to the locker room.Look at the 2nd locker that glows and click on will be in a cave. go forwards into an elevator. It will take you to the moutain and ship! Note: If noones there then you can claim it your own!
    ALso i know how to do some things:
    Walk on water at beach + Old harbour: To walk on water at the beach go to the fire and click all the pebbles and then click on the fire and then you will be on the fire. click on the water. Note: Double click otherwise you might not get in! How to get in the water at the old harbour: Go to the right and stop when your next to the last tyer on the right. then double click the water. Welldone! your on the water. Hope this helps Lot's! From: Also it might say im anonymous but acctully, ill say from: Kshoo on panfu, Senseisson1 from club penguin and katy123 from Pandana. ;-D

  10. you can walk on walls by going to the hot boom arena and get on the bleachers. slowly walk on the windows.
    you can make ice by going to the ice cream parlor and throwing a water balloon at the ice machine.
    you can walk on walls at the ice cream parlor too if you sit on the chair closest to the long skinny picture frame. then, just walk onto the picture frame.

    How to sneak around:
    there are a lot of exciting things happening in panfu. one of the most exciting is finding a group of players and reading what they say. some of the best groups are filled with drama. a lot of times, you really want to see what they're saying and watch how the drama ends. to do that successfully,you need to know how to sneak around. 1. don't wear something that makes you stick out. i would suggest the outfit you got when you were creating your panda. 2. hide behind your surroundings. if all of you're panda doesn't fit, just make sure you cover up your username, for example: in the pony barn you can hide behind the wheelbarrow.or, behind the palm tree on the beach.3. ask to be friends because if you are, you can fly to wherever they are. 4. remember- if they want you to go away, you should. they could not want you following them.
    by the way, if you want to be friends, my panfu name is lucylb.

  11. I know how 2 walk on walls in all. 1.(unerwaterschool' Go to the bottom left corner try to go to the bottom of the bottom left corner then double click to get on the wall. 2.(chez bruno) Sit on any of the chairs and click on the wall. 3.(beach) Keep clicking around the stones around the fire then click on the sea. 4. (hospital) Click on the wheel chair then onto the window then anywhere on the walls! 5. (Disco) Go beside the DJ on the right and click up and up unil you get to the top of the steps then click on the wall. 6. (Harbour) Click on one of the pins in the ground on the harbour and then click on the sea. 7. (San Franpu) Keep clicking around the waterfall in the middle until you're in it then click anywhere. 8. (Kiosk) Click on the right table at the bottom click to the top of it and then go onto the walls. 9.(Waterfall) Go to the top right of the screen and keep moving until you get up. 10. (Paul's Room) Go up the slide and click on the wall. Please pick me I really want gold membership please! my mom won't let me :( hope you like it and pick me! Bye!