Sunday, April 24, 2011


Well, my email account crashed from people emailing it for free membership. :) Well, I gave out all 250-300 codes for EACH VIRTUAL WORLD. And... I still need more!

We're getting about one email per minute right now! In the first ten minutes that I released the free membership thing, we had 500 emails, I'm not kidding! Whoa.

Remember, if you get a email that says that you're on the waiting list, wait, and we'll get you your free membership!

Heart Club, LLC's going to get some more membership soon! They can't just buy... 4,000 Codes! If you sent the email today (Sunday) you might have to wait a while. If you sent it late Saturday, you might get it soon. It's all first come, first served!

(With the exception of Anonymous, who gave out lots of Panfu Codes)

There are currently...

1,951 people on the waiting list for CP Membership
1,011 people on the waiting list for Pandanda Membership
421 people on the waiting list for Panfu Membership

For now, I'm working to reboot my email and sending "You are on the waiting list" emails to thousands of people. Because for now, my email and Yahoo Mail has offically crashed. :)

PH Main Author


  1. So sorry I'm a little late on this but any charity will do. ;)

  2. Hey! Its the anonymous author here!

    I didnt expect 400 people for panfu membership! I might give out 200 Codes (worth £1000)



    Ps: Aaypbs, forward to me about 100-200 Emails, the ones requesting for panfu membership(Email it to I will reply each one and email the code.

    Remember Everyone: 1 CODE PER MAIL! EACH email has its own number and time, i will sort the codes and email the codes in order. So Aaypbs, FORWARD ALL THE PANFU ONES to me!

    Anonymous (The anonymous author)

  3. Ok, Anonymous. Just tell me the codes because I don't want to forward 200 emails on my crashing email service! And why did you put "Thanks! Connor" on your comment?

    Paintcan42: I'll split your money between all the charities listed on the credits page. Thanks for making a difference!

  4. Oops, i dont know why! I must have been tired because i went to bed REALLY LATE! i couldnt even count to 100 last night, as i was awake TOO LONG