Saturday, April 30, 2011

Author Contest Updates

In our Author Contest, the point totals are as following:

Bluey-1,261 Points
*HUGE Contest!

Joelle-517 Points
*Party (Party has not started yet)

Connor-321 Points
*Small Party (No one came to his party)
*Gave out a few invalid Panfu Membership Codes
*Codes were fake

Remember, seven people from Heart Club, LLC are judging this contest.

Whoa, Bluey is uh... WAY in the lead. Well, there's still a chance for other people to catch up! Note that contests for membership and giving out codes will put you in the lead! CP codes will put you in the lead WAY more than other codes, as there's a HUGE demand for those right now!

Winner gets 1,000 years of free membership! Remember!

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