Saturday, June 25, 2011

I'm back! (It's about time!)

Well, you want to know what happened? I want to know too.

1. My computer crashed AGAIN. For the 17th time so far. I don't know why I'm still not getting a new computer. I have the money for it...
2. When I got that fixed up on June 15 or something, my server CRASHED. So I wasn't able to get on the internet.
3. When THAT was fixed, my browser crashed and THAT took 2 days...
4. Then BLOGGER CRASHED! Talk about my luck... I emailed them and they told me that too many people were posting or something.
5. And here I am!

And plus, I've been busy creating some pretty neat games and playing Angry Birds... Those monkeys won't die, won't they?

Because of this, we're starting with a pretty nice contest. The first 25 people to email the word "Puffle" to win what I like to call "Unlimited Prizes." It's what it sounds...

YOU WILL GET UNLIMITED PRIZES FROM OUR CREDITS PAGE, FOREVER! Tell me what you want (if there's no more crashes) and you'll get it within 48 hours, guaranteed!*

*Except for crashes...

Also, if you have stored credits, you now have double credits. :)

Also, new prizes. YOU CAN NOW CUSTOM ORDER ANYTHING YOU WANT, YES ANYTHING! If you want an iPad, a Wii, a new computer, just email me, and you have it! That was easy.


1,000 points can get you almost 2 new iPads!

Because today is National Donation Day too, (At least I think it was), I'm donating $5,000,000 to... I don't know. If you have any suggestions, please email!

There might be another small period without any updates. Why? Because my computer is S   U   P   E   R slow right now! It's taking 5 seconds for ONE CHARACTER to appear on the screen! More posts when it's fixed. For the contest, if you won, I'll email you back. If you didn't, I won't.

See you later!
PH Main Author

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  1. Hey Aaypbs, I was thinking of making a poll for people to vote who are their favorite PH author. I mean, our blog is very popular, and people kept visiting....So,...what do you think? and how many people said "Joelle should win" is it over 20?