Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sorry for Lack of Posting!

Hey guys! I'm SO sorry for not posting. Summer's here! So, I guess I'll post more often now!! :) Since I've started, I was wondering if...I have any fans. You know, people who likes celebrities. Since this blog has been a big hit on the web, I guess we, authors, are famous here...well, only here. So, if I have any fans, that would be REALLY cool. :)

Ohkay, there hasn't been much posting ever since Aaypbs' post, which posted on a few days ago. Usually, we post like, everyday or maybe like a day later. I, We, authors, say sorry for the lack of posting. I'm We're sorry followers. From now on, there will be more posting. This is great news! I'll spend my summer posting for Panfu Help!

But, there will be some days where I'm not able to post. Here are reasons for it:
1. I'm not home.
2. I am home but the internet connection is lost.
3. My computer won't work.

I just want to say thanks to The Anonymous Author for telling Blogger about my blog! :) Thank you! :)

You can chat with me here or follow! :)
VISIT: www.diaryreality.blogspot.com
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YouTube: 9loveheart1

I just don't get those rumors about The Anonymous Author being Connor or not. I just have a question for all those people who thinks that The Anonymous Author is Connor:
What makes you think The Anonymous Author is really Connor?
Seriously guys, this blog is not about rumors. It's about the truth.

Well, anyways, if I have any fans, I love you guys! Tell me in the comments if you're a fan of mine! I love you anyways. I love you all! Well, that's about it. Gonna post something later!


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