Friday, April 20, 2012

Panfu News 4/20/12

A Rejuvenated Mummy

Good Morning Pandas,
Have you ever heard of Guerilla Gardening? You secretly plant flowers in the middle of a city to make it nicer and more colourful. You could plant beside a wall or trees…Hehe, we were out and about on a similar mission over the last few days and made Panfu even nicer – all totally legal, of course. ;)
Max and I had the idea of putting Lorax’ trees where you otherwise don’t find much in terms of nature. We both suddenly thought of the secret cellar from the quest “The Magic Ice Diamond”. We stood directly beside the Mummy and planted the trees.
Hihi, we even managed to scare the Mummy some. :D But then he was so happy about it all! Imagine, the Mummy hasn’t seen daylight in over 15 years, much less a plant! The first thing he did was to take a deep breath of fresh air from the treetops. That gave him so much energy that he started dancing around. Looked quite funny, actually (maybe also because the dance was one that was somewhat out of style ;) ). Our surprise really worked out well! :mrgreen:
Now we are looking for a smart Panda to answer the Expert Question for us. Drop your solution to the following question into the comment section until tomorrow and win a Graduation Cap and a Pram for your Tree House.
Expert Question:
How many achievement points do you need to use the Baby Smiley?
Paws up for Panfu,
Ella and Max 


  1. Hiya! Do you have any membership codes? I am really wanting one as I have been waiting for absoulety ages and I would do anythin for one. I have a gold membership on Moshi Monster and Club Penguin So you may have them for a membership. I have been wanting one for over two years....reply soon. 1 month ones would be PERFECT JUST PLZ!