Friday, April 20, 2012

Pandanda 4/18/12

It's Wacky Wednesday!

Are you ready to get wacky, weird, and wild? Today is the day to go through your closet to find your craziest clothes, hats, shoes, and other wearables, and dress yourself wacky! Grab your friends and have a Wacky Fashion Show in your treehouse. Lead a Wacky Parade through the streets of Pandanda!

And don't forget that I've challenged you to come up with something really wacky to say! Take a picture of you and your friends dressed in wacky outfits and saying something wacky, then send the picture to me, with WACKY in the subject line. I will choose the wackiest, funniest pictures to put in my Blog!

Get wacky!


  1. Hello! your blog needs to be updated,So can I work on here?

    1. I would add you but I am only an author. I will have to contact the admin for you! :)

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