Saturday, August 20, 2011

Poll Suggestion

Many authors are coming by in Panfu Help. There are many authors that you are familiar with. Such as, me, Aaypbs, TealPuddles, MarieMMC, and many more. Those are just examples. There are a lot of people visiting this blog day by day. I was thinking of making a poll. YOU, my friend, have to vote on who is your favorite author. But, you’ll vote in a different way. Usually, the polls are on the sidebar on the right. But, I will do the poll here, in this post.

- You get to vote 1-5 times a day.
- You can vote on many authors, instead of voting for one person a day.
- 1 vote per comment.

1. Go to the Comments section of this post.
2. Make a comment that includes:
- Name of Author you’re voting for.
- Date [ex. 3/23/2011]
- Number of vote. [ex. 2nd]

Example: I vote for _____. I voted on 8/20/11. This is my 4th vote.
You can say anything on your comment, as long it includes the ones above.

There are clearly no prizes to give out. I'm sorry. But, we, authors, would like to know who do you really like. Every thought counts. Nobody is a loser.

- You can vote on whoever you like, as long that person is an author on Panfu Help.
- You can only vote 1-5 times a day.

There is no due date because not a lot of people had been posting comments and doesn’t show what are their reaction to the post. Not a lot of people had been visiting PH. People are very busy having fun in the summer. There should be a larger crowd somewhere in September. I would like to post the winner of the Most Favorite PH Author. I will post the winner when we got enough votes to count. There should be a big pile of votes. Smile So start voting! Open-mouthed smile Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to read the posts below! There are a lot of posts that are fun to read!


P.S. I also was thinking of all PH authors should make a post on how they decided to become an author of PH. What do you think? Should we do it?

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